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Agilitas Supports Cisilion’s Growth Ambitions through Enhanced Global Channel Service

Cisilion, a well established IT provider in the UK and Europe, was looking to grow its remit of service offerings to its existing and new customers both in the UK and across Europe. Operating mainly in the UK with a small percentage of European customers, Cisilion was looking for greater cost-efficiencies and reliability than was being provided by its existing partner network.


  • Services business growth of 20% in the last 12 months
  • 30% reduction in costs by providing an alternative sparing mechanism
  • Quicker transactions and increased flexibility
  • Over 5500 supported IT parts smoothly transitioned within first 9 months
  • 98% of SLAs met within 2 hours across the UK


Streamlining the Process

Having reviewed the potential service partners, Cisilion selected Agilitas, the leading global innovator of customer driven IT solutions, to provide an end-to-end hardware spares solution, using its Inventory-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution. To help Cisilion achieve its desired growth and keep up with customer requirements, it also needed access to on-site, multi-vendor engineering resource in the form of Agilitas’ InventoryAssure+ solution. This would streamline the parts-to-site and engineer-to-site process for Cisilion, with a smooth and quick transition needed.

Paul Hager, Vendor Manager at Cisilion, commented on the partnership’s short and long-term objectives: “the flexibility and versatility that Agilitas add to Cisilion as a trusted channel partner, not to mention the additional business opportunities they provide through a truly multi-vendor approach, made our partnership an increasingly attractive proposition to our end user customers. Agilitas’ greater overall reputation and reliability, when compared with its competitors, made it an easy choice to let them completely manage our spares inventory and non-core engineering network.”


First-class Global Support

Agilitas implemented its industry-leading managed IaaS solution for Cisilion, providing a multi-vendor inventory management and engineering resource solution for its customers, through its InventoryAssure and InventoryAssure+ products. These could be delivered within 2 hours and installed and tested within four hours at customer locations across the UK and Europe, thanks to Agilitas’ extensive support network.

Unlike any other IT hardware spares inventory management system available, Agilitas’ IaaS solution allows Cisilion to provide first-class global support for its customers. Thanks to a high degree of collaboration with the channel, Cisilion was able to provide extremely competitive pricing to its customers against traditional vendor aligned support.

With the relationship beginning in April 2017, the first transaction between Agilitas and Cisilion was made only two weeks after the latter’s agreement with its previous provider finished.

“The transition period to Agilitas couldn’t have gone any better; the flexibility and invitation and commitment that it demonstrated was very reassuring, helping us to immediately feel part of the Agilitas team. The onboarding process also included a number of Agilitas transition workshops to ensure that all knowledge was shared, and everyone was brought up to speed as quickly as possible,” added Hager.

“Because of our close relationship, Agilitas always understands our exact needs, and those of our customers, tailoring its services accordingly. Regardless of the market in which we are working, we have already established a great level of trust with Agilitas for it to go above and beyond in the delivery of its channel solutions. Even before the first transaction, we were immediately confident that the two-way nature of the relationship would be mutually beneficial.”


Increasing Business Growth

Cisilion’s strategic partnership with Agilitas has helped it to expand its in-house developed, core service offering, whilst growing support options for its customers. This has ultimately led to increased overall business growth since the relationship began, with Cisilion witnessing 20% growth in its service business in the last 12 months.

This has been helped by Agilitas’ own rapid international growth, allowing it to quickly provide a tailored service to both Cisilion’s UK customers and those international customers in new overseas markets.

In addition to its server, networking and spares provision, Agilitas has also delivered a range of of its professional services to Cisilion, including installations and project rollouts across a wide range of customer sites. This saves Cisilion considerable time and expense when sourcing specialist professional service expertise, further demonstrating Agilitas’ importance as a strategic services partner.

Utilising Agilitas’ professional services and engineering resource is an area in which Cisilion are increasingly offering to its clients, especially in the North American region. This in turn opens new growth opportunities for Agilitas, as an extension of Cisilion’s services portfolio, just one example of how Agilitas and Cisilion are generating new leads through a global business proposition.

Thanks to Agilitas’ multi-vendor approach, this typically expensive outlay has been reduced by approximately 30% whilst experiencing a far more superior service.


The transition period to Agilitas couldn’t have gone any better; the flexibility and invitation and commitment that it demonstrated was very reassuring, helping us to immediately feel part of the Agilitas team

Paul Hager, Vendor Manager at Cisilion

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