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Agilitas accelerates transformation for Ricoh UK through contract consolidation

Ricoh is a global provider of technology that transforms business processes and information management helping organisations become more agile, profitable and productive. The company provides a range of end-to-end solutions in many areas, including office solutions, IT services, outsourcing services and many more.


  • Consolidation of existing multi-vendor service contracts
  • Service improvements
  • Up to 30% cost reduction
  • UK, European and International expansion


Mark O’Keefe, ITS Sales Director at Ricoh UK, commented on the challenges they were facing before implementation:

It is clear that the challenges associated with transforming the business was a key barrier facing Ricoh UK. Rather than attempting to become the experts, Ricoh decided to collaborate by working in partnership with Agilitas, and leverage their expertise. Ricoh UK are no strangers to collaboration and partner centric models as they too adopt this approach through their own customer network, so it makes sense to do the same with their strategic supplier partners.


The primary solution that Agilitas provides for Ricoh is support for its customers. Ultimately, the IT estate that Ricoh supplies to customers needs to be maintained. Agilitas is the partner that underpins the support services for Ricoh’s customers, providing the specific expertise, parts management and distribution back to vendors.

“Agilitas is the partner that underpins our support services to customers. They are the experts in parts management and supply.”

Agilitas has also helped Ricoh cut down costs. Because Agilitas supports many third parties, this means that the inventory they hold enables them to commit to providing a quick turnaround
when replacements are needed. This results in Ricoh and Agilitas sharing costs with partners, enabling Ricoh to be more cost effective for partners. Ricoh customers would be paying in entirety for spare parts if Ricoh didn’t have this relationship with Agilitas – but because of this partnership, Ricoh elicits more comfort and trust from its customers.


One of the biggest benefits of implementing a contract consolidation project through Agilitas is the associated cost savings. Volume drives value for Ricoh UK in terms of leveraging Agilitas’ comprehensive inventory network and experience in onboarding large outsource projects. This partner model allows Ricoh to indirectly provide the technical resources and service expertise necessary to its end user clients.

Ricoh UK also has over 400 people deployed across its clients’ IT teams, but because this people resource is provided by partners such as Agilitas, the business doesn’t have to bear the cost of recruiting and having all 400 of these team members as employees on its payroll.

Agilitas’ tailored and proactive customer support and service means that it continues to find new ways in which to support Ricoh UK including sending their expertise out into the field and supporting Ricoh UK sales teams with their customers. If requested, Agilitas also liaises directly with Ricoh UK’s customers to work on more complex RFIs and RFPs, and Ricoh can be confident that the required due diligence has been done to ensure that there is a robust quality assurance process in place.

“We see the Agilitas team as pseudo-employees of Ricoh UK, we promote them and introduce their expertise at an early stage across all engagements and our customers really embrace this
approach. We are 100% transparent and don’t hide the fact that they are Ricoh’s partner of choice – Manchester Airport is one customer that particularly appreciates the model we use and the governance we do around our partner programme.” continues O’Keefe.

Since working with Agilitas, Ricoh has been able to invest in developing its services strategy in line with customer demand so sales teams continue to be equipped with relevant solutions. The two companies are very different sizes, but are still very much aligned on service and quality for customers. The combination of Ricoh’s scale and buying power with Agilitas’ IT services expertise delivers a very relevant services proposition to the market.

“We truly are back-to-back with each other – in fact, as we both sponsor Women’s Golf Open Champion Georgia Hall, with the Ricoh logo on the front of her shirt and Agilitas’ on the back. We share the same values and have a very strong partnership,”

Many customers are now looking for supplier consolidation, as there are many benefits in customers dealing with just one company. Partnering with Agilitas in this way enables Ricoh to
provide multiple services at a reduced cost – it can now supply multi-vendor solutions with just one invoice. Due to the success of this partnership, Ricoh looks to operate in this way across all customers, by consolidating into fewer strategic partners, and focusing on ROI and quality assurance.

“Most importantly for us is the quality. We aren’t alone in trusting them. Many of our local and global competitors also place their trust in Agilitas – this gives us confidence that we have chosen the right partner.”

The value that Agilitas brings to Ricoh is that of a managed service provider. Since starting the partnership in 2018, Ricoh continues to introduce Agilitas across all their new opportunities as their trusted partner of choice.


We were unable to quickly and cost-effectively develop our own IT services portfolio to align exactly with our customers’ evolving needs in the timescales required. This is the reason we went with Agilitas’ partner-first, scalable services model. For us, when it came to transforming our business, the collaboration with Agilitas far outweighed the financial and time constraints of implementing our own in-house competencies.

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