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Storage and distribution of end-user home equipment in India.

Softcat is a leading provider of IT infrastructure to corporate and public sectors, with a passion for outstanding customer service. With over 250 dedicated service professionals and customer managers, these teams work together to deliver a unique and high-quality service experience to over 12,500 long standing customers.

  • Warehouse & distribution
  • Across India
  • Multi-vendor, end user technology
  • Fully project managed
  • Futureproofed for ease of expansion
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One of its customers, a provider of digital technology solutions and workday deployments, was in need of a storage and distribution partner for end-user home tech equipment in India. With delivery rates typically being quoted at two to four weeks, the customer needed a service provider that was flexible and could adapt to its changing needs.

After partnering on successful global warehouse and distribution projects in Argentina and Philippines, Softcat chose to collaborate again with Agilitas to deliver this service.

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Why Agilitas?

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Expanding into New Geographic Territories

By working with Agilitas, Softcat and its customer were able to benefit from the combined logistics and circular economy capabilities that Agilitas has to offer. This includes a network of over 2000 forward stocking locations across the globe, in more than 70 countries. Through this global network, Softcat was able to quickly and seamlessly set up a storage facility in India to house the technology for the customer. This included monitors, laptops, keyboards, mice and other tech for home working, with Agilitas providing support across multiple technology vendors. Agilitas arranged the shipment of kit from Softcat to the Bangalore warehouse with just 48 hours notice.

With real estate and management costs increasing, along with transport and logistical concerns, all of the kit for the customer was stored securely in a single location, with the flexibility to expand if required.

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Enhancing the Customer Experience through Service Excellence

With alternative service providers quoting delivery times of 2-4 weeks, the customer was initially attracted to the Next Business Day service that Softcat could provide via Agilitas’ Smart Logistics solution. Agilitas were also able to provide pre-deployment services including asset tagging. The customer experience was enhanced further with the additional data insights that were available including full visibility of all the customers’ assets and proof of delivery receipts, enabling Softcat Account Managers to confidently provide status updates and reporting where required.

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Bringing Flexibility to Remote Working

As well as providing much-needed logistics and storage capabilities, Agilitas helped Softcat provide their customer with complete peace-of-mind that all administrative tasks were considered and taken care of. This included offering project management services when the company needed a large quantity of home technology being shipped out at once.

Agilitas’ dedicated team of customer service professionals in the UK were also on hand to log any queries and respond to any issues from the customer’s team based in India.

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Scale for Success

In addition to its Smart Logistics services, Agilitas can also provide its partners with ITAD and Lifecycle Services, offering this option to the customer if the company needed it in the future. This service involves coordinating the repair or retirement of the kit when it is due for replacement. As the customers’ technology equipment would be distributed across multiple locations in India due to remote working, Agilitas would also coordinate reverse logistics and offer a number of lifecycle services.

Commenting on the strategic partnership, Jack Dodds, Account Director at Softcat (right) said, “Agilitas’ secure warehouse and distribution logistics service provided a cost-effective solution to manage, store, and distribute technology hardware for our customer. Its end-to-end solution for inventory and product management allowed for complete flexibility and the potential of ITAD services has strong-armed our customer for the future and enabled the company to scale with confidence.”

Jack Dodds - Softcat
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This project with Softcat is a testament to Agilitas’ commitment in leveraging our well-established global network and expertise to drive efficiencies and cost savings to our partners and their customers. We look forward to continuing our work with best-of-breed partners like Softcat, and ensuring we continue on our journey to helping them and their customers achieve their ambitious goals.

Sara Wilkes

Chief Operating Officer

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