Results straight to your bottom line

Solink is a subscription-based software that connects your security camera camera footage with your POS data and creates a dashboard of analytics and searchable moments. Restaurants, retailers, and financial institutions use Solink to increase profits, reduce theft, and save time.

  • Increase security and safety for all your locations at once
  • Integrate video with POS data to deliver positive ROI
  • Reduce false alarms by 99% with Solink video alarms
  • Support available 24/7/365
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Counting the cost of retail theft

Shoplifting has soared in recent months with retailers in particular bearing the impact of the rise in theft. Loss prevention teams are increasingly turning to technology to assist them.



UK Shoplifting risen by


Billion (£) Annual cost to UK retailers



Saw reductions when using video surveillance

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Retail theft prevention

Solink is the Hub of Business Security Systems

Solink is trusted by leading global retail, restaurant hospitality, and financial brands to help them manage loss prevention, optimize business operations, and ensure policies and standards are being met.

Solink - Laptop and IPhone

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

Integrate with new or existing security cameras to provide remote access for all security needs across different sites.

Solink - Motion Search Tool

Video Alarms Monitoring Service

Receive real-time alerts to your mobile device and reduce false alarm charges by only dispatching police when necessary.

Solink - Ipad Dashboard

Cloud Video Integrations

Easily integrate with existing POS systems and security cameras to search for any transaction and view the corresponding video footage.

Strategic Partnership

Agilitas has partnered with Solink so Channel Partners can offer a complete cloud video surveillance solution to their end user customers.

Our ability to deploy and maintain the associated hardware across the globe, enables customers to scale and innovate with confidence.

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Global Deployments

With an established global network, Agilitas are able to deploy the Solink platform worldwide.

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Smooth Installation

Qualified engineers provide peace of mind during the installation process.

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Ongoing Support

Award winning IA+ maintenance support keeps downtime to a minimum.

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CX Edge at the forefront

When delivering the Solink solution, Agilitas follow our CX Edge framework guaranteeing a first-class Customer Experience.

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The Solink solution could be the perfect answer, but we want to make sure you are 100% happy with that decision. We’ll arrange a demo and a free pilot scheme so you can trial the solution risk free.

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After your trial, if you are happy to proceed, Agilitas will coordinate the deployment installation of all associated hardware to get you up and running quickly and smoothly.

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With Solink installed, continual improvement will help you grow. Through our IA support we will ensure downtime is at a minimum and our intelligent reporting will assist with identifying further opportunities.

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Discover how Solink delivers results straight to your bottom line

Contact us today to discover how the Solink solution alongside Agilitas’ expertise with global technology deployment can consolidate multiple systems into one pure SaaS model, transforming your security operations.