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As a leading ‘Inventory-as-a-Service’ specialist Agilitas provides channel partners with first-class maintenance support across a vast array of IT infrastructure through our InventoryAssure service.  This suite of flexible inventory support options provides comprehensive service levels that ensure maximum ‘uptime’ regardless of technology or geographic location.

Our Expertise


Reduces overhead

InventoryAssure leverages a comprehensive support infrastructure to ensure maximum service can be achieved with minimum investment.

Increases performance

Our comprehensive network ensures inventory is always close to your customer, minimising downtime and increasing service performance.

Explore New Markets

With a presence in over 40 countries and a 24/7 multi-lingual service desk Agilitas provide the network for you to target new markets.

Why Agilitas

The Agilitas difference

Full Service Partnership

When technology firms need a strategic service partner to manage all their server, storage and networking inventory and engineering needs

Vendor Agnostic Solutions

Provide a trusted, service-centric, vendor agnostic outsource partner with access to flexible multi-vendor support contracts

Increased Performance

Looking to increase service performance and enhance your value proposition to your customer.

Wider reach

Expand your geographic reach and technical capabilities.

Customised distribution

Providing a tailored warehouse & distribution service to the needs of your business.

Managed Inventory

Agilitas can manage ‘customer owned’ inventory to reduce your operational costs.

Pick up and drop off service

Utilise our extensive network to suit your individual requirements 24/7.

Import & Export Clearances

Support with import & export regulation and procedures to ensure peace of mind.

Agilitas has increased its Inventory estate by over 100% in the last 12 months

Over a quarter of channel firms aren't sure how much IT parts provision is costing them each year

Agilitas has accessible inventory in over 40 countries

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Agilitas’ award winning Inventory-as-a-Service solution provides an end-to-end parts and engineering provision for the needs of today’s channel businesses.  Supported through a 24/7 multilingual service desk the service includes warehouse & distribution, parts supply, engineering and bespoke technical services.


Providing the support you need when you need it

InventoryAssure offers a variety of response times to meet your specific service requirements. InventoryAssure comprises of three distinct service levels for IT part replacement:

  • InventoryAssure Bronze – NBD Service
  • InventoryAssure Silver – 24x7x4hr Service
  • InventoryAssure Gold – 24x7x2hr Service

The Agilitas InventoryAssure service portfolio also offers the same three service levels with the inclusion of an onsite technical engineer to replace the faulty component or device. This enhance service is inclusive of the Bronze+, Sliver+ and Gold+ service packs.

Global Inventory-as-a-Service Network

From London to Los Angeles 2-hour part to site service

Agilitas is a leading global channel services provider of customer driven technology solutions.  At the core of this service is an extensive, industry leading service delivery infrastructure consisting around 2,000 Forward Stocking Locations (FSL’s).

Supporting the main logistics hub in the UK are an extensive number of FSL’s throughout the world. At present Agilitas can support up to 2hr part to site service level agreements (SLAs), managed by our multinational customer support team. The team monitors the movement of IT parts in and out of the storage locations and organises the overnight replenishment of any parts used to ensure channel partners and their end user customers experience a continued high standard of service.


Supported Vendors





Cisco Maintenance Services

Cisco Premier Partner, Agilitas works in collaboration with our channel partners to understand how our suite of Cisco services can complement their existing services capability. By working with channel-only provider Agilitas, partners reduce the need to rely on competing outsourcing partners and rigid OEM support solutions. As a result, the customer experience is dramatically improved…

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Cisco End of Support (EOS) Services

Cisco Premier Partner, Agilitas provides UK, European and International channel partners with an extremely cost-effective Cisco IT parts, logistics and engineering service through its InventoryAssure solution.  Partners can blend it with their own value-added services such as remote monitoring and technical services to deliver an all-encompassing maintenance solution to their end user customers.   Keeping…

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Desktop & Laptop Support

Agilitas’ Desktop & Laptop service provides our channel partners with an up to 4hr SLA parts swap out service across the whole of the UK. Supporting many of the leading manufacturers of both desktop and laptop products, this multi-vendor service provides businesses with a more flexible and cost-effective option to existing OEM support packages. With…

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EPOS Maintenance and Hardware Support

Agilitas’ comprehensive EPOS service provides our channel partners with a cost-effective solution to manage their customers critical instore technology infrastructure.  Delivering EPOS maintenance and hardware support across the UK means Agilitas can provide a one-stop shop when it comes to supporting nationwide retail environments.  With over 30 years’ experience in inventory management supply chain Agilitas…

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Printer Maintenance Support

Agilitas’ multi-vendor printer maintenance service provides our channel partners with an up to 4hr SLA parts swap out service across the whole of the UK. Supporting many of the leading manufacturers of laser, inkjet, plotters and dot matrix products, this vendor agnostic service provides businesses with a more flexible and cost-effective option to existing OEM…

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Agilitas understand how important it is for their channel partners to respond quickly and efficiently to the demands of their end user clients. As a result, after working closely with our partners and listening to their challenges, it was evident that they required more control when it came to quoting annuity-based maintenance and professional services.…

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Partnership Services Portal

Agilitas understand how important it is for their channel partners to respond quickly and efficiently to the service requests of their end user clients. After many years working closely with our partners’ service teams and listening to their needs, it was evident that they required access to an online service portal that enabled them to…

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