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What we can do for CISCO

Cisco Premier Partner, Agilitas works in collaboration with our channel partners to understand how our suite of Cisco services can complement their existing services capability. By working with channel-only provider Agilitas, partners reduce the need to rely on competing outsourcing partners and rigid OEM support solutions. As a result, the customer experience is dramatically improved through enhanced service performance and cost savings across their Cisco support contracts.

  • Gain Competitive Advantage whilst Increasing Margins

    a)Market Commoditisation

    b)Internal overheads – CAPEX requirements, FTE requirements, Operational Logistics, training, etc.

    c)Operational costs going up, market price coming down

    d)IaaS model reduces overheads/costs and increases margins thus improving competitiveness

  • Increase Customer Renewal Rates and Cisco Rebates

    a)Increased competitiveness increases Attach rates

    b)Enhanced service levels improves renewal rates

    c)Overall growth in installed base plus improved metrics leads to growth in Cisco service rebates

    d)Achieve 70-80%+ of your available rebates through our comprehensive Cisco service

  • Eliminate the competition with “4 walls” support

    a)Everything in a client’s IT infrastructure is typically supported by someone

    b)The more support partners a customer has the more competitors you have in that client

    c)Protect your position with your customers by supporting all of their infrastructure

    d)Often, Server and Storage partners have stronger relationships with clients than network partners – is that a threat?

  • Build Wallet Share with Multi-National Clients

    a)Customers are continually requesting more for less and supplier consolidation can help them with that cost reduction

    b)If you’re not offering support for all of your customers locations, someone else is

    c)Utilising Vendor support programmes for International support often makes you uncompetitive

    d)One number – One support service puts you in a stronger position with your customers

  • Consolidate Partners, Reduce Administration Costs and Improve Service Levels

    a)How many partners do you work with today?

    b)Can you leverage economies of scale across your current partner base?

    c)Utilising multiple partners can introduce complexity and increase cost, or impact service delivery

    d)Consolidate your supplier network to drive cost savings

  • Maximise you Client’s ROI with EOL Support

    a)If it ain’t broke, why fix it?  Many customers are sweating their IT assets to maximise ROI

    b)24/7 access to EoL spares

    c)Traditional procurement channels don’t stock the range of EoL equipment

    d)Vendor support programmes can’t help either

  • Improve Compliance with Cisco’s Partner Service Model

    a)Cisco’s Partner Service Model is evolving and partners will need to evolve too

    b)Maintaining compliance will be key to maximising the vendor relationship

    c)Being 100% compliant and remaining competitive can be challenging

    d)Agilitas IaaS assists with compliance

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