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Michelle brings over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, with a strong background in services and operations. Having designed and led award winning Service Centres she brings a wealth of experience to lead on our Customer Experience strategy. She has joined our team to a focus Voice of the customer and the delivery of customer excellence she will champion a passionate culture to add value and promote growth.

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Every organisation’s most valuable asset is its people, they key to success lies in the ability to bring to life our Agilitas values.

Being committed to upholding these values in everything we do, and passionately living them ensures that our business practices are always rooted in integrity, collaboration, and excellence.

“What really excites me about being part of Agilitas’s growth journey is the realism of the company values. Each value really resonates with me and touches every part of our customer’s journey. The ability to bring the values to life in our every day will foster a real focus on the areas that matter and will help naturally embed a “total experience” strategy. To support this its really important that we are not limited to an inside out measurement of our service. Through our Voice of the customer programme we will bring the outside in allowing us to work on what really matters, challenging the sole use of traditional SLA’s and working with experience metrics to bring meaningful value to our customers.”

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