This year’s International Women’s Day campaign theme, ‘Inspire Inclusion,’ aims to encourage understanding and appreciation for women’s inclusion while also empowering women to find belonging, relevance, and empowerment in the industry.

Agilitas marked International Women’s Day with a week celebration, featuring a SharePoint spotlight within our network. We highlighted employees embracing #InspireInclusion, shared links to chosen charities, and curated articles on the theme and missions of this year’s IWD. We emphasised the value of supporting  women in the workplace  and investing in our female employees  #InspireInclusion.

Throughout the week, our team exchanged e-cards highlighting our fresh company values, spreading appreciation and respect. On International Women’s Day, Jack Smith, our Logistics team leader, greeted all our female staff with roses, a gesture that was truly cherished.

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Our team united for a meaningful lunch to spark inclusion discussions. We delved into inspiring conversations about the essence and future of IWD, and the impact of gender inequality in various areas like sports, education, and our daily routines. Gathering everyone opened a platform for diverse views from different ages and genders, shaping a richer understanding.

We have embraced International Women’s Day as a time of celebration! It’s a moment to honour its importance, acknowledge its power, and reflect on the strides we’ve made together every year as a company, society, and nation.


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