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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about our services? You’re in the right place. Explore our comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to find answers to common queries. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team, we’re here to make your experience as smooth as possible.

I’d like to learn how I can save money on hardware maintenance

Agilitas have been working with channel partners to reduce their hardware maintenance costs for over 30 years. From break-fix maintenance contracts, to full inventory outsourcing, Agilitas’ hardware solutions offer complete flexibility to combine with your own in-house services and deliver a value-added service to your customer.

To discover how you can save on your hardware maintenance, contact our team today to discuss your requirements.

+44 (0)1159 196000

I’d like to apply for a job at Agilitas

You’d like to join the team! That’s great news! Head over to our careers page to take a look at the latest vacancies and apply.

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Does Agilitas offer data erasure?

Agilitas can offer a wide range of onsite and offsite (MASC) data erasure solutions.

Our services are aimed at increasing data security, whilst reducing every risk of data loss during transit to any location. Our certified engineers will attend site with the relevant equipment to ensure they can handle any potential issues that may arise whilst undertaking the onsite data erasure activity.

Typically our customers can request three types of service:

  1. Onsite data erasure from within our secure mobile data erasure lab
  2. Onsite data erasure from within the customer’s office or data centre
  3. Onsite data erasure and shredding within our secure mobile vehicle; which can handle both services

Essentially the service:

  • Manages data security concerns by erasing sensitive or restricted data onsite
  • Provides visual erasure or destruction giving the customer accountability
  • Ensures no risk of data breach in transit
  • Saves time and money through efficient erasure process
  • Reassures through detailed final reports and certification

What types of engineers can you supply?

Agilitas can source a range of engineers, from L1 Field Engineers, through to Systems Engineers, Consultants and Project Directors. Engineers are available across the globe, with Security Cleared Engineers also available.

Can we combine Agilitas professional services with our own in-house capability?

Yes. We can work alongside your existing IT team, or deliver the project ourselves.

Whether a specific skill-set is needed to meet an immediate requirement or the correct level of expertise is essential to support a strategic project, Agilitas can provide the resources tailored to best meet your requirements and expectations. This is completely flexible so can complement any resources that you already have in-house.

I need access to Cisco IOS/TAC

Through our partnership we can get you access to Cisco IOS/TAC and all parts are sourced via the correct channels and engineers Cisco trained.

I only need support for a few months – is that possible?

Yes, our Inventory Assurance can be provided with a short term contract. This may be useful if you are waiting for new products that have been delayed.

What IT vendors does Agilitas support?

Agilitas have technical expertise across multiple IT vendors and multiple technology. Not only does this cut down administration time dealing with multiple OEMs, but it also allows us to build flexible solutions to meet your requirements. For example, we could design a bespoke training day for your engineers that covers Cisco, Fortinet and NetApp.

Vendors we support include:

Cisco | Dell | Brocade | EMC | Fortinet | Sun (Oracle) | Fujitsu | Solink | Hitachi | HP | IBM | NetApp | Juniper | Western Digital | Quantum | Lenovo | Huawei | ADIC | Arista

For a more extensive list of vendors we support, contact us below.

How can Agilitas help reduce our carbon footprint?

Agilitas are committed to delivering sustainable inventory management across our suite of solutions.

We commit to providing a sustainable, digitalised supply chain, where we look to repair devices in order to reduce single use tech that is disposed of and replaced every time.

This allows our Channel Partners and their customers to significantly reduce carbon footprints and work towards net zero carbon emissions.