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The Environmental Management System assures that Agilitas It Solutions Ltd computer products,  their delivery, and their recycling are processed under the control of the system. The System is designed to adhere to ISO 14001:2015 standard. The system assures conformance to legal requirements and the company’s environmental policy and provides objective evidence of effective control.

This Environmental Manual includes Agilitas’s Environmental Policy, identifies management responsibilities, and references the procedures of Agilitas, and supporting Environmental Management System documents and records. The system commits to continual improvement and ensures that interested parties are considered and we maintain compliance obligations and best practise. We provide leadership to manage the system and communicate it throughout our organization. The system complies with all regulatory requirements and is driven by the environmental objectives defined by management. The system is planned, implemented and reviewed, whilst considering interested parties compliance obligations, the context of our organization and all significant aspects are reviewed. Effectiveness is measured through internal audits, external audits, CAR and management review.

This scope will be made available to interested parties on request.




While maintaining our legal compliance requirements we have also taken positive steps towards improving our environmental performance and reducing our carbon footprint. We have an ongoing commitment to the environment and to improving our business processes to protect it.


In accordance with our approach to environmental considerations we have endorsed the following “Environmental Policy”:


Environmental Policy Statement


As a supplier, repairer and distributor of new and second user parts, systems and associated services to maintainers and repairers of computer systems and their peripherals, Whilst distributing to UK mainland and Europe, Agilitas IT Solutions Limited is committed to maintaining compliance with environmental legislation and observe best practice when considering the impact on the environment of our business processes. Agilitas IT Solutions Limited, at its commercial site in Nottingham, is also committed to continuously improve its Environmental Management System to enhance environmental performance and prevent pollution through continuously monitoring against set objectives and targets.


We endorse the recycling of products and materials where possible and appropriate. Waste is kept to a minimum and disposed of in accordance with current legislation where minimal damage is caused to the environment.


We would not knowingly purchase products from suppliers who were detrimentally affecting the environment, and we would actively assist our suppliers in environmental compliance or improvements, if necessary.  


The RoHS & WEEE Directive’s


The RoHS Directive as the partner of the WEEE directive, shares the same origin and broadly the same scope, Agilitas IT Solutions Limited are affected by both the RoHS and  WEEE Directives and by vetting our supply chain we ensure we receive RoHS compliant products. We have also identified our entire stock range through our integrated business management software, with its RoHS status. We are a fully RoHS compliant company and continue to adhere to the obligations placed upon us under the requirements of the RoHS directive.


Waste management


We endeavour to keep our waste products to an absolute minimum, but where it is necessary to handle, carry and dispose of waste, we use carefully selected and responsible licensed carriers. Landfill is always avoided where possible.


Packaging waste


Agilitas IT Solutions Limited reuse packaging materials wherever possible. Emphasis is placed on managing separate waste streams and reviewing what measures can be taken to reduce or reuse. Recycling is also a key objective for our Operations and Logistics Departments.


Environmentally friendly business practices


The majority of our office space is filled with natural light from large windows at the front of the building. Although fluorescent lighting is also used we have built in energy saving devices that switch lights off when no movement is detected after a timed period. Office equipment is generally switched off when not in use and some devices even have energy saving sleep modes, such as the photocopiers.




This Policy will be communicated to all parties working for or on behalf of Agilitas and on request from the public.



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