Sustainability, Customer Experience, Culture, Leadership, Purpose and Alliances all contribute to a business’ Total Experience and getting the balance wrong can be the difference between winning or losing in the marketplace.


Transformed from last year’s Channel Confidence Index, the 2023 Channel Trends Report delves into core aspects of Channel Businesses, from ESG and culture, to supply chain disruptions and future growth. With an increasing focus on customer experience and employee engagement, it has never been so clear to Channel firms that the adoption of total experience is the only way up.

With a rapidly changing landscape, we must gather as much information as efficiently as possible to build resilient strategies, that not only ensure the safety of our businesses, but enable them along with our people, customers, and investors to thrive.

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When asking Technology Channel leaders how optimistic they were about the future success of their company in the next 12 months, they ranked 7.6 out of 10, which is down from 7.8 last year.

It can seem an overwhelming responsibility for Channel Leaders to dedicate resource to every area, but whilst businesses in the Technology Channel are understandably monitoring their bottom line, it’s important to remember that profit and purpose don’t need to be an “either-or”.

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