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Agilitas & Solink Partner to Deliver Smarter Business Security Systems

Solink - Ipad Dashboard

Leading global channel services provider, Agilitas IT Solutions, has today announced its strategic partnership with Solink, a world-class business that provides trusted, cloud video surveillance systems. Driven by a shared commitment to safety and customer service, paired with Agilitas global footprint and Solink’s best-in-class technology, the partnership will empower both organisations to serve a broader global customer base.

This partnership comes at a time when businesses are striving to take back control of their operations, resolve issues, and boost their bottom line. The companies will work together to deliver video surveillance systems to a range of industries, including retail, hospitality, enterprise and logistics.

Solink’s platform offers one of the most comprehensive series of cloud video surveillance systems on the market. It provides businesses with a smart way to manage security, with visibility across all locations in real-time and advanced features that allow users to search, investigate, and share incidents with authorities.

For brick-and-mortar retailers looking to transform their business, Solink provides a full suite of loss prevention tools enabling users to investigate a specific location, a region of the floor, or even a particular transaction type. The platform can also align with an organisation’s POS system, offering the visibility needed for smart operations, staffing, and compliance.

Solink technology covered by Agilitas’ award-winning IA+ services

With over 30 years of experience, Agilitas has built a global support network that is aligned with the needs of today’s channel market. Its extensive service, logistics, and technical expertise can be accessed 24/7/365 to ensure companies remain operational around the clock. With this flexibility, Agilitas will be able to deploy Solink’s platform to Channel partners with ease, enabling them to scale and innovate with confidence.

Speaking on the partnership, Josh Rudder Sales Director at Solink said, “As we expand Solink in EMEA, more loss prevention teams can now leverage the power of the complete Solink platform to solve critical issues like ORC, fraud, and employee safety. A partner like Agilitas provides the integration expertise, reach, and scalability to help us meet high customer deployment standards.”

John Hayes-Warren, CEO of Agilitas concluded, “At Agilitas, we have a passion to innovate, exceed expectations and put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Solink shares this passion and has created a crucial hub for global business operations, security, and loss prevention strategies. Leveraging our growing network, we will be able to help more organisations gain complete visibility of their business.”

Channel Trends Report 2023

channel trends

Sustainability, Customer Experience, Culture, Leadership, Purpose and Alliances all contribute to a business’ Total Experience and getting the balance wrong can be the difference between winning or losing in the marketplace.


Transformed from last year’s Channel Confidence Index, the 2023 Channel Trends Report delves into core aspects of Channel Businesses, from ESG and culture, to supply chain disruptions and future growth. With an increasing focus on customer experience and employee engagement, it has never been so clear to Channel firms that the adoption of total experience is the only way up.

With a rapidly changing landscape, we must gather as much information as efficiently as possible to build resilient strategies, that not only ensure the safety of our businesses, but enable them along with our people, customers, and investors to thrive.

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When asking Technology Channel leaders how optimistic they were about the future success of their company in the next 12 months, they ranked 7.6 out of 10, which is down from 7.8 last year.

It can seem an overwhelming responsibility for Channel Leaders to dedicate resource to every area, but whilst businesses in the Technology Channel are understandably monitoring their bottom line, it’s important to remember that profit and purpose don’t need to be an “either-or”.

To download your free copy of the 2023 Channel Trends report, fill out the form here.

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Agilitas hosts MP Alex Norris

Agilitas CEO John Hayes-Warren with Nottingham North MP Alex Norris

Agilitas hosts MP for Nottingham North, Alex Norris

Agilitas was honoured to host the Labour (Co-op) MP for Nottingham North, Alex Norris at its headquarters on 13 October 2023.

During the visit, Agilitas showcased its remarkable warehouse facility and demonstrated its plans to place customer experience transformation at the heart of its growth strategy.

Agilitas’ mission is to enable its customers to scale and innovate with confidence, delivering globally sustainable, innovative technology services that provide the foundations for customer success and efficiency. MP Alex Norris met with Agilitas’ leadership team, learning more about the company’s three core propositions, Inventory Assurance, Professional Services and Smart Logistics, all underpinned by Agilitas’ sustainability initiatives.

This also included discussing how the company will continue to invest in the UK and international Technology Channel, with a focus on partnerships to digitise their operating models. Agilitas aims to help the Channel address opportunities that allow partners to expand without geographical limitations.



The visit comes after Agilitas was awarded the prestigious Silver medal from EcoVadis in recognition of its ongoing efforts to embed sustainability into the organisation’s core values. Listed in the top 25% of the 100,000-plus companies assessed, EcoVadis recognised Agilitas’ latest sustainability achievements, with the company’s Environmental score increasing from 60 to 90 out of a possible 100.

This is a testament to Agilitas’ dedication to strengthening its commitment to sustainability and extending the lifespan of its client’s IT infrastructure through refurbishment and reuse programmes, as well as achieving 0% Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

MP Alex Norris also met with a number of Agilitas’ employees, including the company’s growing number of Pareto Sales Graduates. Agilitas prides itself on providing extensive career opportunities for the local Nottingham community and strives to create a dynamic ecosystem where diverse voices fuel innovation.

“It’s clear that Agilitas and its team have a passion for innovation and putting the customer experience first. With impressive sustainability credentials, the company is forward-thinking when it comes to extending service capability and improving customer satisfaction on behalf of the vendors, IT resellers and managed service providers that it partners with. The future is bright for Agilitas and I look forward to seeing what the company does next,” said MP Alex Norris.

John Hayes Warren, Chief Executive Officer at Agilitas added: “It was a pleasure to host MP Alex Norris at our headquarters and have the opportunity to showcase our company’s recent achievements. We are extremely proud of the contribution Agilitas has made to the technology industry in Nottingham, as well as the wider Channel sector. Our team is ambitious and driven to take our company to the next level, and we look forward to continuing to invest in local talent to help spearhead our organisational change.”

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Agilitas appoints John Hayes-Warren as CEO

John Hayes-Warren Appointed as Agilitas CEO

Agilitas IT Solutions​, the leading global channel services provider, has today announced the new appointment of John Hayes-Warren as its new CEO.

With over 30 years of experience in the Technology Channel and holding the position of Agilitas’ Chief Revenue Officer for the last 12 months, John will be key in driving the customer experience within the business in what has become a fast-paced and diverse marketplace.

John has been instrumental in leading many of the changes at Agilitas over the last few months due to his expertise in strategic planning and operational execution across customer success, customer support and partnerships. His strong sales background most recently at Logicalis, Claranet and Vodafone also means that John is well placed to lead the company’s sales growth plan using his extensive knowledge in transforming capabilities and propositions to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

In his role as CEO, John aims to strengthen business resilience in the technology services sector and ensure Agilitas is the leading partner for customer success strategies. Customer experience is one of Agilitas’ core values, with it well placed to understand the challenges facing the Channel.

Agilitas ensures that it provides an excellent and evolving service that continually adapts to economic and environmental change through its varied propositions, InventoryAssure, Professional Services and Smart Logistics. The company’s new CX Edge framework also makes sure that it is aligning and delivering customer needs, as well as measuring success.

Speaking on his new role, John Hayes-Warren said, “I am excited to continue the great work already being undertaken at this award-winning business and I look forward to building on Agilitas’ exceptional success. The company has vast potential to help its customers benefit from technology and innovation and receive excellent customer service. I am thrilled to be working alongside the senior leadership team and be part of Agilitas’ journey in the future.”

Agilitas receives Silver medal from ecoVadis

Agilitas Silver Rating EcoVadis 2023

Agilitas IT Solutions has been awarded the Silver medal from EcoVadis in recognition of its ongoing efforts to embed sustainability into the organisation’s core values. Agilitas is now listed in the top 25 per cent of the 100,000-plus companies assessed.

EcoVadis is relied on by global supply chains, financial institutions, and public organisations to monitor and improve the sustainability performance of their businesses and partners. EcoVadis evaluates businesses across 21 indicators, divided into four main categories: Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Business Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

EcoVadis has recognised Agilitas’ latest sustainability achievements, with the company’s Environmental score increasing from 60 to 90 out of a possible 100.

In addition to establishing its Green Team, Agilitas has also committed to Science Based Targets, which involves setting carbon reduction goals across all 3 scopes and using these platforms to show transparency to its customers, which in turn helps customers to track their own Scope 3 supply chain emissions.

ecoVadis Silver medal for sustainability
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To help drive sustainability awareness among partners and the broader Technology Channel, this latest recognition follows the launch of Agilitas’ sustainability pledge and eVentory Charter. The eVentory Charter outlines the elements of the company’s services, and operational and internal initiatives that contribute to its mission and support a circular economy.

Deborah Johnson, Head of ESG at Agilitas said,

“Receiving the Silver status in our EcoVadis assessment is an exceptional recognition of our commitment to prioritising sustainability and implementing practices that contribute towards a better future.

This score gives our team even more motivation to further increase our ESG efforts and move forward with our roadmap to have a carbon-positive workforce by 2031 and be 100% carbon neutral before the UK Government’s target.”

Employee Mental Health and Hybrid Working

remote hybrid working

Bev Markland, chief people officer at Agilitas, shares tips on supporting employees both at work and at home.

  • Hybrid work is not just a buzzword but the future of our working model.
  • Productivity and mental health are inextricably linked, so investing in staff well-being is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do for the business’s bottom line.
  • Creating an inclusive and productive work environment is critical in today’s era of hybrid working.

Creating an inclusive and productive work environment that fosters a culture which both values mental health and provides support for employees is critical in today’s era of hybrid working. Mental well-being is just as important as physical health, and organisations must begin to treat it as such.

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place each year in several countries, including the UK, Canada, and Australia. Its mission is to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. From 15 to 21 of May, it is hoped the Mental Health Awareness Week campaign will encourage people to talk about and promote mental well-being, with ‘anxiety’ being this year’s theme.

Increasing importance of workplace mental health

Productivity and mental health are inextricably linked. Poor mental well-being, most commonly manifested as depression, anxiety, or burnout, can significantly reduce motivation and production while increasing stress. According to a Deloitte report, organisations that prioritise mental health are twice as likely to report better financial performance than those that do not.

Therefore, investing in staff well-being is not only the right thing to do, but it is also the smart thing to do for the business’s bottom line. Addressing these issues in the workplace can increase productivity, improve attendance at work, help with decision-making, and foster a more positive workplace culture.

By taking part in Mental Health Awareness Week, businesses can also help to raise awareness of mental health issues and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. This can aid in the development of a more supportive and inclusive workplace culture, which benefits both employees and the company.

It gives companies a platform to encourage staff to take care of their mental health. This can include providing resources and support, such as counselling or mindfulness training, as well as encouraging healthy habits such as exercise and self-care.

Putting the theory into practice

In a McKinsey survey from 2020, 91% of employees stated that they believed their employers should care about their emotional health, and 85% believed behavioural health benefits are important when considering a new job. In fact, when asked to rank the benefits of a new job offer, respondents ranked on-demand mental health support second only to corporate wellness initiatives. These statistics suggest that companies that prioritise mental health awareness can improve their EVP (Employee Value Proposition) and employer brand, as well as attract and retain top talent.

With this in mind, at Agilitas, we will be hosting training for our line managers throughout May, to help support their teams with their mental health and well-being. In addition, we have trained a number of our employees as Wellbeing Ambassadors and we actively encourage our employees to talk to line managers, HR and our EAP Scheme. We also work actively with our employees to engage in successful returns to work following mental health-related absences.

Additionally, we recently held an employee well-being workshop called ‘Discovering Me’ which focused on mindset growth and imposter syndrome. In May, our well-being workshop will focus on ‘Finding my Limit’ to support our employees to better understand and manage feelings of stress and anxiety. We have found that, by creating a supportive workplace culture that promotes mental health, we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors and create a positive reputation as an employer that cares about staff well-being.

Supporting employee well-being at work and at home

Hybrid work is not just a buzzword – it is the future of our working model. The pandemic significantly accelerated remote work adoption and demonstrated that it can be just as effective, if not more so, than traditional office-based work.

As it combines the flexibility and autonomy of remote work with the collaboration and socialisation of in-person work, hybrid work has enabled businesses to attract and retain top talent while improving staff well-being and productivity. Supporting employees is essential for creating a positive work environment, and there are a number of ways to support employee well-being both at work and at home:

World Economy
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Provide resources for mental health

Employers should also consider providing resources such as employee assistance programmes, mental health counselling, and support groups to their employees. Awareness training and education, as well as making mental health issues a priority, is critical, especially since 70% of employees reported that the COVID-19 pandemic was the most stressful time in their career, with mental well-being concerns playing a significant role.

Promote physical health

Employees can be encouraged to prioritise their physical health by providing resources such as gym memberships, healthy snacks, and ergonomic equipment. To encourage healthy habits, they can consider hosting wellness challenges and fitness events, as physical health issues significantly increase the likelihood of developing mental health challenges. At Agilitas, we’re encouraging our employees to get outdoors this month and to join in with ‘Walk this May’ as part of National Walking Month. We’re also engaging with our local gym to explore group physical training and coaching to help our employee’s well-being.

Foster positive relationships

Creating a supportive and inclusive work environment through team-building activities, open communication, and promptly addressing any issues or conflicts can help build an engaged workforce while establishing a strong employer brand. According to Gallup’s employee engagement report, companies with employees who are highly engaged are 21% more profitable in the long term.

Support career development

Companies that offer career development opportunities and training, as well as encourage employees to pursue their passions and interests, can foster a nurturing environment in which employees can thrive. As 41% of employees consider their organisation’s career advancement opportunities a very important factor in their job satisfaction, providing mentorship and coaching to help employees achieve their career goals is now crucial.

Fostering a culture of communication

Business leaders need to set a good example when it comes to open communication by actively listening, providing feedback, and being honest with their teams. They can encourage employees to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns by establishing feedback mechanisms. By doing this, organisations can foster trust and transparency by sharing information about company goals, strategies, and decisions with employees. At Agilitas, we have recently engaged with a third-party company to better communicate and work with our employees as part of our long-term people strategy.

Encouraging collaboration and teamwork by forming cross-functional teams, promoting knowledge-sharing, and recognising and rewarding team accomplishments, are valuable tools to promote communication. Moreover, providing employees with the training and resources they need to improve their communication skills, such as conflict resolution, active listening, and effective feedback, can go a long way towards fostering a communication culture.

Effective communication is also essential in promoting workplace mental health and well-being. A communication culture that encourages employees to express their feelings, concerns, and challenges can help reduce stigma, as people are more likely to seek help and support when they feel comfortable discussing their mental health.

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Agilitas joins the ‘Techies Go Green’ movement

carbon neutral

Agilitas commits to being carbon-neutral as part of the Techies Go Green movement, of IT and tech-oriented companies who are committed to decarbonising their businesses.

Agilitas join the community of organisations who are aiming to become carbon-neutral. Techies Go Green enables each member to purposefully improve their energy efficiency by collaborating and sharing practical know-how.

Started by IT distributor DataSolutions, more than 200 companies have signed up to the initiative to date.

Deborah Johnson, Head of Sustainability at Agilitas, said “At Agilitas, we’ve been investing a lot in driving down our own carbon footprint and also supporting our partners so they can see efficiencies throughout their supply chain. By joining the Techies Go Green movement, not only are we showing our extra commitment, but we are connected to lots of likeminded businesses who are able to support each other through the sharing of knowledge and experience”.

Michael O’Hara, Techies Go Green co-founder said: “We are delighted that Agilitas has joined Techies Go Green – an important initiative which aims to benefit companies, people and the planet. It is vital that every business takes responsibility, sets targets and reduces their environmental impact on the Earth. Techies Go Green is designed to support this, share ideas and make a sustainable difference.”