Agilitas has teamed up with its new carbon partner Auditel, to help it on its journey to carbon neutrality and achieve its strategic objective of reaching net zero.

For over 30 years, Agilitas has supported its channel partners in providing critical infrastructure to some of the biggest brands across the globe.
With experience delivering hardware services and the ability to support hardware from single items, right through to complete inventory outsourcing, Agilitas’ IT Solutions support customers with the speed of change by reducing the loss of productivity and revenue.

With a focus on customer experience, Agilitas has developed a suite of unique business services, all underpinned by its sustainability initiatives. Inventory Assurance is based on Agilitas’ ability to maintain end-customer environments globally, with Professional Services acting as an extension to its customer’s engineering capabilities to accelerate time to revenue with skills and resources to streamline deployment.

Smart Logistics is centred around how the company optimises warehouse, logistics and circular economy services.

Deborah Johnson, Head of ESG at Agilitas, comments,

“Agilitas has been prioritising sustainability for several years by improving our own ESG initiatives and helping our clients extend the lifespan of their IT infrastructure through refurbishment and reuse programmes. Our goal has always been to drive sustainability awareness among partners and the broader Technology Channel and we have built a sustainability pledge and eVentory Charter, which outlines the elements of our services and initiatives that support a circular economy.

With our employees, customers and suppliers, we are working to significantly reduce our carbon footprint across our operation and our supply chain with the aim of reaching Net-Zero before the UK Government’s target in 2050.
Working with Auditel, we hope to take our ESG efforts to the next level by improving our data and transparency in order to share detailed statistics and information with our stakeholders.”

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Auditels’ Carbon Auditor, Julie Adams comments,

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Deborah and the team at Agilitas. They have amazing passion and culture and this was on show at the first carbon workshop we held to begin the carbon inventory process. I have been very impressed with Agilitas’ ESG strategies and initiatives which show that they are committed to ensuring that they make a meaningful difference in reducing its emissions.

The team and I at Auditel are excited to be working with them and look forward to getting their carbon emissions mapped out and identify the high emission areas within their operation. Once identified, together we can work on producing a detailed carbon reduction plan that will make a meaningful difference and help them on their journey to Net Zero.”