Global channel services provider, Agilitas IT Solutions, has announced a partnership agreement with a global technology provider, Ricoh UK. The idea is that Ricoh UK will use Agilitas’ expertise across IT inventory management, datacentre technology, and deploying on-site technical resources.

The partnership will let Ricoh UK  deliver specific expertise for customers, deliver on the management of parts and improve on distribution back to vendors.

This follows moves within the industry for more collaborative partnerships. Both companies think that their collaboration will bring vast opportunities for the market and the IT channel as a whole, through the delivery of a best-of-breed, vendor was a global solution.

Ricoh UK ITS sales director Mark O’Keefe said: “We were unable to quickly and cost-effectively develop our own IT services portfolio to align with our customers’ evolving needs in the timescales required. This is the reason we went with Agilitas’ partner-first, scalable services model. For us, when it came to transforming our business, the collaboration with Agilitas far outweighed the financial and time constraints of implementing our in-house competencies.”

Since the partnership, Ricoh has invested in developing its service strategy in line with customer demands, ensuring sales teams are equipped with relevant solutions. Although the two companies differ in size, both are very aligned on service and quality for their customers. The combination of Ricoh’s scale and buying power with Agilitas’ IT services expertise delivers a very relevant services proposition to the market.

Agilitas CEO Shaun Lynn said: “We have formed a great bond and relationship with Ricoh over the last few years and I feel we understand both goals and objectives of our businesses inside out. It is this understanding and alignment in values that has helped us to develop a unique channel services offering that will benefit both our customers and the channel, now and in the future.”

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