Agilitas celebrates 25 years in business

22/01/16 | Latest News

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The cost of failing to train IT staff

Richard Eglon – Marketing Director In the last ten years, IT has dominated the modern workplace, increasing businesses dependence on high capacity, connected networks, which when they go down cause significant disruption. Research estimates that 54% of service provider customers could lose between £10,000 and £1m from just one hour of system downtime. For most…

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Five key benefits of Inventory-as-a-service

Shaun Lynn – CEO The growth of the cloud and the evolution of the mobile workplace have altered demand for IT spares. With less organisations managing their own on-premise data centre, where and when spares are needed has changed. At the same time, a higher reliance on IT has meant any period of downtime will…

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Inside story on the growth of outsourcing

Large numbers of ICT resellers are turning to third party support companies for reasons that are all too evident. Here, we explore why outsourcing is the focus of growing attention among resellers wanting an ingrained partnership that is also an extension of their business. The big customer support handover has begun and the chemistry between…

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