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Success Story Title - Client Name
Success Story Title - Client Name

Customer challenge

How do you get the most out of your field service team?

With one of the largest field service teams in Europe Agilitas’ customer was looking to drive efficiencies throughout its service delivery function. Performance reporting highlighted the under-utilisation of the internal engineering team and an increasing trend on the reliance of third party maintenance contractors. It became apparent that resolving these issues would result in significant cost savings for the customer.

Agilitas solution

Working closely with the Agilitas Business Development team the customer created technical skills matrices across the complete field engineering workforce. These matrices incorporated all of the supported OEMs and platforms and were used to cross reference in-house skills against the installed bases.

The findings highlighted the skills gaps and potential service delivery pitfalls and provided a structure on which to build an in depth technical capability. From the data, Agilitas developed a range of bespoke hardware support training courses to not only counter the current gap in technical skills but extend learning into new but related Enterprise hardware. This methodology ensured maximum equipment exposure with minimum disruption to field operations.

Benefit to the customer

Over a 12 month period in excess of 100 engineers attended multi-vendor, multi-platform hardware support and familiarisation training. Operating with a field service team possessing new and extended product experience the customer recorded an increase in engineer utilisation of 1.3 calls per day. This has had a huge effect on operational efficiencies and reduced sub contract expenditure by over £900k over the first twelve months.

These are not the only benefits realised by the customer. The updated skillset of the engineering team helped the Agilitas customer confidently bid for and secure over £3m of net new product support business.