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Success Story Title - Client Name
Success Story Title - Client Name

Customer challenge

Do you have the technical expertise but lack the product experience?

Agilitas’ customer held a long standing relationship with one of its most important end user clients providing desktop, back office and infrastructure support across its multi-vendor hardware estate. However, provision for its Enterprise hardware was currently held with the OEM.

The end user client had expressed dissatisfaction with the service level and cost structure of its existing support programme, and was keen to migrate the business to a supplier with a proven track record of service excellence.

Although the technical proficiency existed within the field service team there was little knowledge of the service inventory supply chain and the procedural structure required to support such critical systems.

Agilitas solution

The Business Development team at Agilitas delivered pre sales consultancy workshops to help customers’ account and technical teams gain an understanding of the product range and its operating capabilities.

With service level and customer expectations set, another goal of the workshops was to provide an insight into the infrastructure and investment required to effectively support these mission critical systems.

Agilitas analysed the installed base data and proposed an inventory support model incorporating a full forecasting and planning overview in line with the service levels required.

Benefit to the customer

By leveraging the customer relationship to extend existing business the customer maximised the potential for margin growth.

Offering a support model that was significantly more competitive secured the business and produced cost savings in the region of 50% when compared to the previous incumbent.

The solution contained the necessary measures to ensure service levels were optimised and customer satisfaction maintained. Such was the success of this implementation that it is now being used by the customer as a success story for developing their own pipeline.