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Success Story Title - Client Name
Success Story Title - Client Name

Customer challenge

How can you capitalise on opportunities within your existing customer base?

After making a successful bid for a major managed services contract Agilitas’ customer was looking for a reliable partner who could assist with supplementary inventory support on IBM, HP Alpha and Apple products that existed within the installed base.

They were entering new territory with these products and although some of the technical expertise was available in-house there was a number of skills and experience gaps that needed to be addressed in order to deliver the committed service levels.

The question remained. Do they outsource to the OEM, to a Third Party Maintainer or can they build an in-house service model?

Agilitas solution

Agilitas were asked to review the installed base and promptly set about producing a proposal to tackle their concerns. It became apparent that a two tiered approach was required.

Where fundamental knowledge existed against these product lines the proposal offered to up-skill key individuals with extensive hardware support and product familiarisation training. A total of 18 front line support staff and remote support desk employees attended courses. In conjunction the product lines were referenced against Agilitas’ existing technical inventory support capability.

For specific products where supply chain constraint existed Agilitas consulted with specialist support partners. Agilitas’ supplier base includes product support specialists that share the same technical and customer service ethos. Leveraging these relationships Agilitas could deliver a combined inventory management and fully vended solution to support this UK wide estate.

Benefit to the customer

The combined service model delivered a 35% saving over the lowest sub contract pricing and in excess of 55% in savings when compared to the cost of partnering with the OEM.

The customer maintained full responsibility for the complete installed base, with Agilitas managing the service inventory and technical partners across the estate.

This methodology allowed the customer to offer a consistent service, maintain all of the communication touch points with its customer, and ensure service level and performance controls were enforced.