Success Story Title - Client Name
Success Story Title - Client Name

Customer challenge

Tendering for new support contracts is never straightforward.

Experiencing significant growth in their field, Agilitas’ customer retained a market leading position and held extensive technical competence across a specific range of technology products. In order to continue their ambitious growth plans the customer was required to investigate ways to increase their competitiveness across new products by building a broader service proposition to potential clients.

Using carefully selected partners the customer began to extend their support offering across complete technology estates, with all non-core product support being outsourced. Whilst this increased market share it posed several obstacles. How could they maintain a consistent delivery of service across their partner network, how could they use these opportunities to develop their own technical capability and how could they manage the increased outsource costs with a large portion of revenue being consumed by this service model?

Agilitas solution

Agilitas was already delivering inventory services on the core supported products for the customer but possessed extensive technical experience across a wide range of Enterprise hardware products. The team began developing a comprehensive programme that would equip the customer with the necessary skills and structure to begin the process of insourcing the support of its end user estates.

Agilitas was already planning and distributing similar spares inventories for other customers therefore it would only be necessary to familiarise and educate the customer’s technical team on the product sets they wished to support in-house. Agilitas began the process by providing hardware support training to populate the skills gaps of senior members of the field service and technical support teams. To provide an additional safeguard and escalation path full access was provided to the technical helpdesk and engineering teams at Agilitas.

Benefit to the customer

Within an extremely short implementation time the customer was able to begin the migration of outsourced contracted systems back in-house.

Over the first twelve months of implementation the customer achieved their desired target of a 30% cost saving. Service and customer satisfaction levels were maintained and the cost reductions resulted in significant improvements to financial performance, with in excess of an additional £100K EBIT being generated.