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Technical services

Agilitas Technical Services take a true interest in the needs of the customer. With a real focus on finding a quick and efficient resolution, this empathy goes beyond just providing the necessary help and arises from genuine concern for the customer.

What do customers want from a premium technical service?

  • Easy to use service.
  • Quick validation by getting straight to the issue.
  • Be given options to problems in order to make a decision.
  • Incidents resolved quickly.
  • Permanent fixes to their incident.

The Agilitas technical services team boast over 25 years of technical knowledge across desktop, server, storage and networking technologies. This means we can easily supplement ‘in house’ technical skills, on demand, across our entire customer base.

These technical services are primarily delivered in the form of remote technical support and where the need requires, can be escalated to our fly and fix service where remote or onsite access to our highly qualified and experienced engineers is available.

Delivered via support vouchers, technical services are available 24x7x365 and are a safety net should ‘in house’ technical skills not be enough to resolve the problem.  From a commercial perspective the vouchers also provide customers with a cost effective and predictable way of managing the unexpected peaks in their business whilst preserving customer service levels.

Vouchers are acquired on a 12 month basis, paid in advance, and once used can be easily replaced.  Product sets are split into 3 areas and pricing is tiered against the technical complexity of the product set.

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Technical services – the Agilitas difference…

  • A deep focus on the customer. Agilitas technical services’ specialists believe in their customers and their needs, which shows in their interaction with the customer.
  • A real sense of collaboration. People who excel in their work rarely do it alone. Success in Agilitas’ technical services’ requires working with customers and with support from colleagues across all areas of the business.
  • A talent for solving problems. Agilitas technical services is about solving customer problems in the fastest and most efficient way possible.


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Technical support capability

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Supported Vendors


Agilitas provides technical assistance across all of the key server storage and networking OEM’s. Our versatile product support range includes IBM, HP, Dell, SUN, Fujitsu, EMC and more.

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