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  • Cost effective way to monitor your mission-critical infrastructure avoiding system downtime and disruption
  • 24x7x365 peace of mind knowing that your systems are working at their optimum performance
  • Automated Alerts that are configured to your requirements
  • The ability to monitor any IP based device within your network
  • Avoiding those unforeseen outages that hurt your organisation's bottom line
  • Removing the need for constant NOC support, focusing your time on more necessary proactive tasks
  • Ability to access root-cause diagnostic information


  • Professional Services: our team of experienced consultants and Solution Architects specialise in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.
  • Performance: All DRaaS are built on high end, cutting-edge, cloud-ready server and storage infrastructure.
  • Security: All Public DRaaS offerings are hosted in Tier 3, UK-based Data Centres
  • Availability: We run an ultra-resilient network and offer a wide range of networking and connectivity options with more than 100 nationwide POPs, as well as Tier 1 Internet Providers.
  • Integrated Solutions: Extensive expertise in business continuity with cloud-enabled disaster recovery solutions (cloud backup and recovery) as well as directly able to provide IBM workplace recovery seats.
  • Support: Direct customer access to highly trained and flexible engineering team.


  • Complete peace of mind via automating the entire backup process with up-to-the-minute backup scheduling features
  • Tailor your backup solution to address exactly your requirement with flexible retention policies, filters, file-level inclusion and exclusion, compression and encryption options
  • Save time and resources while minimising risks with agentless architecture, avoiding labour-intensive tasks such as managing upgrades, incompatibility issues.
  • Reduce risk due to human error and complexity with simple, single-pane-of-glass management for backup and restore
  • Lower your bandwidth utilisation and costs with true incremental backups (in-file delta incremental)
  • Scale from one to thousands of workstations and/or servers running different operating systems, all managed via one single console
  • Total security with replication to Agilitas’ second UK-based Data Centre every 2 hours
  • Multiple connectivity options with our dedicated, highly resilient network featuring high-speed links to multiple Tier 1 Internet Backbone Providers with extensive peering arrangements

Agilitas delivers enterprise class Remote Monitoring Services (RMaaS) designed to proactively monitor your IT Infrastructure 24/7/365.

Our smart flexible proactive service monitors your day-to-day systems performance to avert problems on the most critical devices within your IT systems – namely Servers and key Communications devices.

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Business Cloud backup

Simple, efficient and effective automated backup of your critical data.

Business Cloud Backup service from Agilitas is powered by Attix5, a highly secure, fully automated ‘set and forget’ solution, ideal for organisations with limited in-house IT resources.

Developing and managing a comprehensive data backup plan for a small/medium sized business has always been a challenge. Legacy, tape-based systems require IT resources and in-house expertise that rendered protecting an organisation’s critical data costly and inflexible, whilst maximising the business risk due to human interaction.

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Enterprise Cloud backup

Tailored, enterprise-class backup and restore protection.

Enhance your Disaster Recovery plan by migrating to a fully customisable, granular and flexible cloud backup solution built exactly to match your unique Business Continuity requirements.

Powered by Asigra, the market-leader in enterprise backup technology, Enterprise Cloud Backup is an off-site, end-to-end managed backup service provisioned by Agilitas’ UK-based, highly-resilient infrastructure. Consolidate and customise your backup strategy to your needs with Agilitas’ agentless solution, to protect your Information System comprising servers, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, virtual machines and cloud-based applications/platforms.

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Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) services

Start your journey to the cloud with Disaster Recovery.

Protect your IT Systems, physical or virtual servers with Agilitas’ Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions and maximise the value of the Cloud. Migrate or build your disaster recovery solution in the Cloud and convert a traditional IT cost-centre to your first step into the Cloud.

Start your journey to the Cloud by contacting one of our DR specialists today.

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