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Moving an IT support business model from CAPEX to OPEX can help to reduce overheads, boost productivity and improve the level of quality service that our channel partners deliver to their end user customers.

Adopting an OPEX approach means that there is no more unused IT spares inventory sat on a shelf, taking up warehouse space and escalating logistics costs, whilst doing nothing but depreciating in value.  Taking this approach results in reducing the cost of hardware provision, which is a positive outcome for both channel partners and their customers.

By improving the bottom line by taking less capital risk, the cost savings and flexibility delivered through an OPEX model equips partners with the platform to adapt quickly to market changes and customer demand.

On average channel partners moving to an Agilitas service save an average of 30% against their current service model.

Contact us today to see how we can apply an OPEX approach to your hardware support.

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