The Channel in 2020: What will the future landscape look like?

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2020Over the past four years the channel has evolved faster than ever before. Customer demands are becoming more complex, putting IT suppliers under high pressure to deliver the complete package at a reasonable price point. At Agilitas, we’ve seen this first hand. Most of our clients are adopting Inventory-as-a-service in order to gain greater agility and provide their customers with a more flexible and personal service.

At the same time, we’ve seen the skills gap exacerbated, with the channel facing one of the greatest challenges it has ever seen. In addition the growth of the European market and its link to the UK has meant channel partners here are looking at international expansion and even global partnerships. And as more and more IT functionality becomes cloud based, the infrastructure still needed to run it on is providing little revenue due to wafer-thin margins. As a result, many channel firms are wondering how they can continue being that one-stop shop in a constantly changing environment.

Looking back, recent changes have been big for some and smaller for others, but what is next for the UK channel? Our curiosity and constant drive for innovation at Agilitas has led us to ask this question internally and to some of our trusted partners and advisors. Every year, we talk about what is coming next year, but as technology moves so quickly, we need to think further ahead than 2017. Most fast growth organisations make plans for four, five or even ten years in advance. As a result, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new campaign, the Channel in 2020.

Over the next 12 months we’ll be looking to 2020, evaluating what the future channel partner will look like and trying to gain an understanding of what the channel will look like by then. By 2020 Agilitas will have been servicing the channel for a landmark 30 years; will we be selling artificial intelligence technology, will we need more or less data-centre technical skills, how will we sell to Europe and will CAPEX finally be beaten by OPEX?

These are all questions which could shape the future strategies of channel partners, so it is right that we ask them. Throughout the year we’ll focus on four areas:

  • People: Who will make up the channel of 2020?
  • Technology: What will we be selling in 2020?
  • Europe: What will the channel’s relationship be with Europe in 2020?
  • Finance: What will our contracts be like in 2020?

Using a mix of research, analysis and events we’ll look to have answered these questions by next year, providing the channel with a go to resource to prepare for 2020. To get involved and to stay up to date follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and check our website for a soon to be launched dedicated section.

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