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Using a mix of research, analysis and events, Agilitas has launched ‘The Channel in 2020′ initiative to assist in providing the channel with a go to resource to prepare for 2020 and beyond. Insight will include thought provoking content and shared opinions that will build a channel community focused on tackling the challenges that lay ahead to ensure future success. To get involved and to stay up to date follow Agilitas on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Agilitas hosts second ‘Channel in 2020’ conference for IT channel leaders

– Disruption – Collaboration – Innovation –

Market report: Relevance

The old adage, ‘the customer is always right’, is particularly relevant in the global IT channel, although many other industries are moving away from personalised products and services, towards mass-scale roll-outs…

CRN 2020 video – 2018 event

CRN REPORT – The channel in 2020

A blueprint for growth in a fas-changing world…

Channel in 2020 – Globalisation

Market report: Globalisation

When exploring the six topics throughout our ‘Channel in 2020’ campaign; People, Finance, Technology, Disruption, Innovation, and Collaboration, there were many consistent sub-themes that began to appear…

Channel in 2020 opinion

Six months on from the hugely successful Agilitas event: The European Channel in 2020, we look back at the key themes that emerged around Innovation, Disruption and Collaboration.

Channel in 2020 – Innovation

Market report: Collaboration

Collaboration is nothing new in the IT channel, for businesses of any size. Whether it’s the delivery of admin and financial support, a logistics relationship or a 24/7 partnership…

CRN – The Next 100: Rising Stars (2018)

‘The companies profiled in this report prove their status as tomorrow’s possible stars with impressive revenues and annual growth’…

CRN ON: The Channel in 2020 Presentation

Agilitas highlight their key findings from OnePoll commissioned research on Disruption, Innovation, Finance, Technology, and People

CRN – The European Channel in 2020 (2017)

CRN research unveils what channel players believe the industry will look like by 2020…

Market report: Disruption

Disruption is probably the broadest, yet starkest term used to describe the changing landscape of the channel in the run up to 2020…

Market report: Innovation

In the last year we’ve faced considerable market changes across the European IT Channel. In the UK we’ve already had two generation defining votes in just one year…

The European Elite

In partnership with Channelnomics, Agilitas investigate the European IT market by profiling the top 900 tech firms.

Market report: Finance

Financial uncertainty has crept its way into multiple business sectors in recent times. As our government grapples with the challenges presented by Brexit…

Market report: Technology

Traditionally, when we’ve talked about channel technology we’ve meant big hardware. As we all know, in the last ten years this has moved to include cloud…

Market report: People

Over the past four years, the channel has evolved faster than ever before. Customer demands are becoming more complex, putting IT suppliers under increased pressure…

CRN Market Report: The European channel in 2020

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