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james 1This week, Agilitas European Customer Support Coordinator James Rowland has given a presentation at the Nottingham Trent University to a group of year 8 students on the importance of languages; in the hope that more students will choose to study at GCSE level and beyond.

The scheme is called ‘routes into languages’ – James’s presentation showed the students an insight as to why languages are important to a business like Agilitas, and how they can be practically applied to a range of jobs within our company, as well as others.

The students involved were clearly impressed with the presentation and in turn presented James with a jigsaw globe as a thank-you gift!

Flora Johnson, Customer Support Manager, say of James: “As well as studying at Nottingham Trent University prior to James joining Agilitas, he also worked there in the holidays.  He worked for at least 2 years on the UCAS clearing process in the summer holidays, and more recently assisted on the open days showing round both prospective students and their parents too.   When he joined the customer support team he carried on doing what he does so well.  His interpersonal, customer facing skills (as well as his language skills) were what set him apart at the interview stage.  He will tell you himself that he likes to chat, in whichever of his chosen languages, but what is great is that he gets the job done too! A great team player, gets on with everyone at all levels and a great addition to the team.”

With languages now being an optional GCSE as opposed to compulsory, it is certainly important that students see how it will improve their employability in the future – Well done to James for inspiring a future generation of multi-lingual Agilitas employees! And good luck for your next presentation!



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